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    Let us help with virtual assistance to keep your online services up-to-date. Content Management | Business | Writer

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    Blogger and Contributor, Ghost Writer.  Author of two books: Business as Usual, Technology as Usual.

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    Front end web design & content management. Fostering creative direction, utilizing a host of combined skills in business, graphic design, and marketing.

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    Instructional Technology, Content Management and Design of Educational Resources for Learning.

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    Creative digital  technology for your business and communications, social interaction and education

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    How to Overcome that Career Hiccup – One Hiccup at a time

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    Everyone has one – that career hiccup.  The first thing I found out about myself after my career hiccup was that I had the ability to write whatever I wanted to, and not feel minimized by it.   I also no longer had to sit through those painful Monday morning meetings that felt like I was

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    A Real Team

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     Ever wonder what a real team looks like, feels like, acts like? I’ve worked on a multitude of different professional teams in my lifetime.  Some were good, some were so-so, and some were just flat out disappointing.  One particular team that I had the privilege to be a part of, rocked in every dimension. It was

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    on a ledge

    Dear Volunteer

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    Dear Volunteer Lace up! Coming up in October is the Other Half Marathon here in Moab Utah.  Not as large as the ½ Marathon held in the spring, but still a busy fun adventure for the like-minded. Thelma and Louise   I love those emails that come out and say “Hey Volunteer – you want to

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